The Extending the Cure project is a research and consultative effort that frames the growing problem of antibiotic resistance as a challenge in managing a shared societal resource. The inaugural report of Extending the Cure provides an objective evaluation of a number of policies to encourage patients, health care providers, and managed care organizations to make better use of existing antibiotics and to give pharmaceutical firms greater incentives to both develop new antibiotics and care about resistance to existing drugs. The report has been widely debated at a series of consultations with representatives from the medical, insurance, pharmaceutical, government, and academic communities. It sets the stage for continued research in the form of technical papers and policy briefs to prevent the impending health crisis of widespread antibiotic resistance.

The Extending the Cure project is housed at the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy, a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization that conducts independent research—rooted primarily in economics and other social sciences—on domestic and global public health issues.

The Extending the Cure project is funded in part by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation through its Pioneer Portfolio, which supports innovative projects that may lead to breakthrough improvements in health and health care.