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On February 22, Extending the Cure published a study in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine that found that two common conditions caused by hospital-acquired infections (HAIs)  killed 48,000 people and ramped up health care costs by $8.1 billion in 2006 alone. The study has recieved significant media attention.

It is the largest study to date on the toll taken by sepsis and pneumonia, two conditions often caused by antibiotic resistant infections.  Zeroing in on infections that are often preventable, researchers discovered that people who developed sepsis after surgery stayed in the hospital 11 days longer and the infections cost an extra $33,000 to treat per person.  Even worse, nearly 20 percent of people who developed sepsis after surgery died as a result of the infection. 

Researchers also looked at postoperative pneumonia, another largely preventable disease, finding that people who developed pneumonia after surgery stayed in the hospital an extra 14 days. Such cases cost an extra $46,000 per person to treat. 11 percent of patients died as a result of the infection.

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