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Time Magazine (and other media outlets) wrote this week about taking weight into account when prescribing medications. A study released this week finds that, though it is not common practice, weight absolutely should be a factor in antibiotic prescription.  We have written about this on this blog as well.

Another study released this week finds that polar bears show very little sign of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in their feces.  According to a UPI article, this suggests that “antibiotic-resistant genes seen in other animals may be the result of human influence.”

A study of Pennsylvania hospitals found that there were 13,771 hospital-acquired infections reported between July and December of 2008.  This is lower than the national average. Kaiser Health News put together a good review of some recent hospital-acquired infection and medical error rates in various states, available here.

Finally, a story in American Medical News discusses the clinical and financial toll of MRSA surgical infections.  The study found that “patients infected with MRSA after surgery spent an additional three weeks in the hospital and cost $60,000 more to care for.”