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Today CDDEP is excited to release a new video on antibiotic resistance: Unstoppable Superbugs: Closer Than We Think? 

Currently, antibiotic-resistant infections contribute to 99,000 deaths each year in the U.S., and the problem is getting worse. So what can the concerned public do to help? As it turns out, there’s a lot we can do.

The 3-minute animated video explains the emergence of antibiotic resistance and gives viewers a broad picture of the issue from a natural resource perspective. It also serves as a call to action for concerned consumers, parents, and patients to limit their use of antibiotics in order
to preserve their effectiveness for future generations.

We invite our readers to please join us in sharing
this video
widely via email, blogs, and social networking sites. Spreading this important message can help ensure that antibiotics will continue to be around when we most need them. 

Watch and share the video here: