The Problem
Antibiotic resistance is a threat to public health. Its root causes lie in insufficient incentives for patients, physicians, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to act in ways that would conserve antibiotic effectiveness.Read more
Why It Matters
Economic costs are not separate from the health costs of resistant infections, as sicker patients requiring longer hospital stays and stronger, more expensive antibiotic treatment generate additional costs to hospitals, health insurers, and the patients themselves.Read more
What We Can Do
While encouraging research and development into new antibiotics may be effective at replenishing the antibiotic pipeline, it must be linked to incentives for pharmaceutical companies to care about resistance. A congressional declaration that antibiotic effectiveness is a valuable societal resource could be necessary.Read more
Share your story
Share your story
Any discussion of the effects of drug resistance and rising infection rates begins with patient stories. We want to hear from you. Tell us how this problem has impacted your life so that we can continue to bring light to this important issue.Read more